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Sure, where is it?

The Boy yells into the house from the front yard, “hey Mom, can I take Little Girl over to my secret hiding place?”.  I yell back “sure, where is it?” I hear Dad giggling from the kitchen..I’m thinking what’s so funny?

Probably does not surprise anyone that The Boy yells back “in the bushes.”


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Bikinis anyone?

Started this morning off with big girl’s softball practice.  It was a beautiful day here on the Central Coast of California…a sunny 72 degrees on the field.  After wrapping up the morning, the family headed over to the local grocery store for what has become our staple weekend lunch, spicy tuna bowls, corn dogs and chicken legs.  The boy went in with Dad while the girls stayed in the car and discussed practice.  Boys arrive back and we take off for home.  The boy turns to little girl and asks her if she likes bikini sticks.  I am thinking bikini sticks, what is that? and what a funny site they might be!  He repeats himself just as Dad interrupts and says you mean zucchini sticks .not bikini sticks! Oh it was a good one! Can you imagine a bikini stick??

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Starting to get the hang of the blog thing, I think!

Been faithfully posting to my blog here for the month of January and really taking a liking to it!  I would love to hear from other bloggers or anyone on what you find important about a blog or what compels you to read. 

As for this blog in particular, I am close to relaunching a new look and some new clear cut topics!  Looks for some changes coming soon!!!!  yay!


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Ice Cubes, the new candy?

My kids suck on ice cubes like they are lollipops.  Their friends come over and head straight to the freezer for cubes, not otter pops, or ice cream or something else remotely resembling food.  Even little girl at 19 months has taken a liking to it.  Really, isn’t it just cold and messy?


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Wordless Wednesday- The Sky is the Limit!

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Red plate!

There are many things that my children do that I wonder about.  One of these many wonders can be depicted in the following:

I am making dinner, rushing around the kitchen, stirring, cutting, spilling….I run over to the kids’ drawer of plates, bowls, cutlery, grab 3 plates (remember I have 3 kids) and set them out.  Without fail, one of my children (yes at this point any 1 of the 3) screams “I want the red plate.”

WHY? does it make the food taste better if its on a red plate as opposed to the blue plate? 

If I am lucky it will just end there.  If I am unlucky, it will escalate into a full on drag down sibling fight and no one will end up eating because they are sent to their rooms for the rest of the night without dinner. (ok, maybe not really, but the part about the fight is true.)

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Can I have a fox?

Here at our house we have added a couple new pets to the lineup, well sort of!  First, my husband found a frog in the garage.  He put the guy in a little tank we had, added water and a rock and we called it a home.  I even bought some crickets for the silly thing and learned that there is nothing called “frog food.”  His tank made its way on the window sill in the kitchen right next to the fish tank, which houses 3 fish and 2 snails.

Also this past week, my husband has taken to feeding the most likely feral cat who lives in the shelter like thing next to our house.  (we live in a middle of a vineyard and technically it is some sort of shed that houses netting but that is off topic)  He makes sure it has clean water and appears to give it 3 bowls of cat food a day. 

So this all has been going on a few days and the kids have gotten wind of the new pets and are all excited and giddy and think its all cool.  So fast forward several days to yesterday, we taken them to the zoo.  As we are checking out all the animals, big girl (who is 7 1/2 mind you) starts squealing, “I want an otter, oh now I want a gorilla, oh maybe a fox, isn’t he cute?  I want a fox, can we have a fox as a pet?”.

At this point, we are losing our patience with this and my husband even tells her this is all nonsense.  Unfortunately, it does not take us long to realize, what’s the difference between keeping a frog and a gorilla? (when you are 7 1/2).

For anyone wondering or who might feel the need to report us, I have since let the frog go and we did not take any animals from the zoo. 

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A Start….

As I typed a comment on my last entry, it made me think. (Yes, I do think and often at that.)

Everything must have a start. You can’t do something if you haven’t started it, you can’t continue something if you haven’t started it and you can’t end something if you haven’t started it.

With that being said, I have officially started this blog. I look forward to doing it, continuing it and honestly maybe some day I will look forward to ending it. 

That’s it, profound thought of the day now back to laundry and sweeping.

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Check anything off your list yet for 2011?

So how was the week? Anything exciting happen, something dramatic, upsetting?  For me, it was a productive week and I checked off a couple big things on the To Do list for 2011 already!

I officially made the announcement to close Whiffy Bean Bags, a business which we ran for over 4 years from our home. That was a big one. 

I also stuck to a blog a day for the week!  Not a monumental feat but I am pleased nonetheless! 

Got a little organization done on the computer, again not huge but helpful!

So how about you all?  anything happen this week that can now be checked off the list? 


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Here I go again…

The title is probably steering your brain in one direction and I can almost guarantee what I write next will not be that direction. (and if it is, its worth leaving a comment about!)

7:42am driving in the minivan, 3 kids in tow, XM radio set to Channel 8 (80’s on 8). Here I Go Again by Whitesnake comes on the radio, I loved that song back in 1987 (yes I did say 1987).  I was 14 and in 8th grade.  Loved the song back then, still love it…I start singing along…and it happens…

Big Girl pipes up “uh is this our regular station?”.  I quickly tell her “No, it is not. It is not the Top 20 on channel 20. It is a song from when I was in junior high and I love it and I am not turning it.”

Then it hit me is this song considered an oldie?  I mean it came out over 23 years ago????!!!!  When I was little in the 80’s and a song from the 60’s came on that was an oldie…so what about now?

Am I so old now, that I am listening to oldies and thoroughly enjoying them?  Tell me I am not alone?


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