Bikinis anyone?

Started this morning off with big girl’s softball practice.  It was a beautiful day here on the Central Coast of California…a sunny 72 degrees on the field.  After wrapping up the morning, the family headed over to the local grocery store for what has become our staple weekend lunch, spicy tuna bowls, corn dogs and chicken legs.  The boy went in with Dad while the girls stayed in the car and discussed practice.  Boys arrive back and we take off for home.  The boy turns to little girl and asks her if she likes bikini sticks.  I am thinking bikini sticks, what is that? and what a funny site they might be!  He repeats himself just as Dad interrupts and says you mean zucchini sticks .not bikini sticks! Oh it was a good one! Can you imagine a bikini stick??


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  1. "Little Mom" (remember Hillcrest Dr.) calls big girl – my first one, the boy – my only one and little girl – my last one.Thursday was great, miss you all,Love, Mom

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