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Can I have a fox?

Here at our house we have added a couple new pets to the lineup, well sort of!  First, my husband found a frog in the garage.  He put the guy in a little tank we had, added water and a rock and we called it a home.  I even bought some crickets for the silly thing and learned that there is nothing called “frog food.”  His tank made its way on the window sill in the kitchen right next to the fish tank, which houses 3 fish and 2 snails.

Also this past week, my husband has taken to feeding the most likely feral cat who lives in the shelter like thing next to our house.  (we live in a middle of a vineyard and technically it is some sort of shed that houses netting but that is off topic)  He makes sure it has clean water and appears to give it 3 bowls of cat food a day. 

So this all has been going on a few days and the kids have gotten wind of the new pets and are all excited and giddy and think its all cool.  So fast forward several days to yesterday, we taken them to the zoo.  As we are checking out all the animals, big girl (who is 7 1/2 mind you) starts squealing, “I want an otter, oh now I want a gorilla, oh maybe a fox, isn’t he cute?  I want a fox, can we have a fox as a pet?”.

At this point, we are losing our patience with this and my husband even tells her this is all nonsense.  Unfortunately, it does not take us long to realize, what’s the difference between keeping a frog and a gorilla? (when you are 7 1/2).

For anyone wondering or who might feel the need to report us, I have since let the frog go and we did not take any animals from the zoo. 

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