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The shot from behind

Is there anything cuter than a picture of your kids from the back end?  I wonder why?

Is it because they can’t be whining at you at that moment? or because they are running from you and not toward you with slimy, greasy hands? Maybe its because you can turn the other way and run away fast and they can’t catch up?

Whatever the reason, I find this to be one of the cutest pictures taken of my kids from last weekends photo shoot!


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Omelets anyone?

Saturday morning and I make the mistake of asking the kids do you want pancakes, eggs, omelets, oat meal, bananas or apples.  Us Moms know this was too many choices but what was I thinking…I needed to get in the shower and wanted them to think about something while I was in there.

As I am sure you all can ask when I come out of the shower, they say we’ll take one of everything. Yeah no you won’t, you’ll get an omelet!  And voila, one for each kiddo…and seconds were a must!

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We’re back!!!!

Yep, you read that right!!!!  I am back on the blogging as a mommy scene.  Look for posts, tweets, stories, funnies, boring tales, you name it! 

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