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Here I go again…

The title is probably steering your brain in one direction and I can almost guarantee what I write next will not be that direction. (and if it is, its worth leaving a comment about!)

7:42am driving in the minivan, 3 kids in tow, XM radio set to Channel 8 (80’s on 8). Here I Go Again by Whitesnake comes on the radio, I loved that song back in 1987 (yes I did say 1987).  I was 14 and in 8th grade.  Loved the song back then, still love it…I start singing along…and it happens…

Big Girl pipes up “uh is this our regular station?”.  I quickly tell her “No, it is not. It is not the Top 20 on channel 20. It is a song from when I was in junior high and I love it and I am not turning it.”

Then it hit me is this song considered an oldie?  I mean it came out over 23 years ago????!!!!  When I was little in the 80’s and a song from the 60’s came on that was an oldie…so what about now?

Am I so old now, that I am listening to oldies and thoroughly enjoying them?  Tell me I am not alone?


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