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Welcome to my front door view for Wordless Wednesday!

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Decision made on yesterday’s parenting dilemma

You may want to refer to yesterday’s blog post to see exactly what the dilemma was that I am referring to.

After some discussion with my Husband, we decided to NOT send little girl to day care!  The answer was simple really, if I had to think so much about it the answer is NO.

She is now on a waiting list for the Fall which is far more in line with what we were hoping for.  She is only 18 months old, plenty of time to still stay at home and play with Mom!

I am glad that decision was made. Now on to more dilemmas that I am sure will present themselves, like the electrical problem at the rental home we own…….


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Parenting dilemma for today

So my Husband and I are sitting at the coffee house enjoying coffee, he has the day off today for New Years.  We had just dropped the big kids off at school and we took the little girl with us. He asks me if I ever called the local day care center to check it out for little girl, I say no, he says let’s go look at it and there we end up!  Now we do not NEED child care at all but figure the other kids went at 2 for socialization, so should little girl.  We look at it, looks great, number 1 child care facility in our town for 10 years straight, highly recommended…so a great spot.  We are notified that a spot is available for 2 days a week, just what I would want….but it is available NOW, not like a month from now or 6 months but NOW.  When I wanted to look at the place I was thinking September 2011 would be her start, 1 year there then 2 years at the wonderful preschool up the street.  I never thought about sending her now….but now I must decide?  Should she go or should she not…the decision must be made soon so stay tuned for the decision….


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11 things you don’t know about me and you might not want to!

11. I  was born in Nebraska.
10. I moved to California when I was 5.
  9. I have owned 6 different cars in my driving lifetime.
  8. I am an only child.
  7. I do not like to fly at all and try not to do it often. (I have not taken a plane in over 5 years)
  6. I drink Coke like it is going out of style.
  5. I really am not a fan of the smell of lavender.
  4. I have 2 piercings in each ear but usually only wear earrings in the first set.
  3. I was a candy striper during high school. (a hospital volunteer for those who don’t know)
  2. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life and have never wanted to.
  1. I could eat sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

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Come on in 2011 and stay a while!

What 2011 is going to mean to me!  by Leah Warson

A little more organization when it comes to the computer.  Clean out the bookmarks, lose some programs on the desktop, create easier ways to find my most valuable websites, you know the thing!

Maybe, obtain wireless here in the house?  I came from a home where everything was wireless, I sat at the dining room table, laptop unattached to anything; my documents printed in the basement…now I barely have what is called satellite internet and am stationary at the desk cubbie in the kitchen (printer right next to my right elbow!).

Next, I am not complaining about the above AT ALL.  I live in a wonderful home on a wonderful piece of property in a cute town with friendly people, close to family and the beach. I am truly appreciative but would still love to be able to move the laptop around!

I need to officially cut ties with Whiffy Bean Bags, my labor of love since 2006.  This one is hard for me but I have made many steps to the ultimate closure, just a few more and I am there.  The fact that the 100% closure is so hard is what makes me not do it, so I am pondering all those thoughts.

 My most important adventure of 2011 and really what this blog is going to ultimately be about is  Fubble Bath!  This would be the name of the soap business that my 7 year old daughter and I are starting!  Like me, she is an entrepreneur at heart, is a fantastic sales person and frankly a perfect marketing campaign in herself! She is enthusiastic, loves to talk with people, friendly….and I make the soap!  Well, she does help, picks scents, chooses molds, maybe stirs a little but her her main focus is the sales and marketing and quality control. So this is our focus this year, getting it up and running after of course making and trying out many more soaps!

My last real goal for the year is to make this blog look good, sound good, and be something people might like to follow!  Again, baby steps here….

I have my work cut out for me this year, as this is all on top of being  a great Mommy to 3 little kiddos and a fun wife to my awesome husband!  I better get started on some of this stuff…

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