About other people

So if you are done reading about me (as if anyone could really be done) I will go ahead and introduce you formally to the others you might hear of in my blog!

This is Dad. He is a great Husband, Dad and Friend.  He is the God of concocting.  He makes wine (obviously), has been known to make other beverages also, makes soap from scratch, cooks wonderfully, enjoys gardening and one of his favorite excursions is a trip to the beach with his kids.  When I find rocks in his pockets, I know he has had a good adventure.

This is Big Girl. She is the most content of the bunch.  Talks and talks, super smart, super quick, likes to dance, like to sing, softball has become important, great older sister unless she is yelling at someone or becoming annoyed at their mere presence.

This is The Boy. He will make you melt with his charm, a 5 year old lady’s man (he does not discriminate based on age), quite active, does not sit still, very thoughtful of others, always taking something apart but the best brother a sister (or 2) could find.

This is Little Girl. Spunky, talkative, great little singer, advanced beyond her months, ready for kindergarten already, cute and tiny, like any littlest sister should be.


This is Gi. She is my Mom and she has known me all my life.



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