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Bound and determined in 2016……

I started blogging back in 2008 (pre Little Girl) to chronicle my family’s adventures since my scrapbooks were becoming wonderful glass coasters and dust bunny catchers.  I never succeeded with scrapbooking although I sure did try.  I bought books and paper and stickers and doodads and you name it.  The problem really centered around the fact that  I rarely ever “developed” the photos I would take.  Remember those days…taking pictures without knowing how they looked, taking the roll in and then waiting (most likely impatiently) for them to be ready 4 days later.  Of course, then 24 hour photo developing hit the streets and wow we would pay the premium for that speed!  You’d pick your pictures up and most likely you splurged on doubles since you were hopeful you would at least get one good shot of something….weren’t  those the days…but I digress.  So back to scrapbboking and pictures.  Without pictures what good was a scrapbook?  So you can see why that phenomenon didn’t last long with me.  But blogs. Online.Through my laptop. Pictures are downloaded directly from the source to the blog. POW.  I was in business. (not literally, I have never made a cent from anything  I have written)  I knew I could write a blog.  

So it all began back in 2008.  I was doing okay for a while, then fell off the blogging earth. Started again and did some supposedly new fangled things to my blog and ended up losing a year or 2 or 3 of good anecdotes and stories.  So as much as I wanted to chronicle life through my blog, if you looked at my submissions, it would give off the impression I flew to Mars with no internet for years considering all the pockets of nothingness.  So here I am…2016 and I am determined to write. Not only on this blog but I have always dreamed of writing a book. A children’s book. I have had the storyline in my head for at least 10 years…its time to get something written.  


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