Here I go again…

The title is probably steering your brain in one direction and I can almost guarantee what I write next will not be that direction. (and if it is, its worth leaving a comment about!)

7:42am driving in the minivan, 3 kids in tow, XM radio set to Channel 8 (80’s on 8). Here I Go Again by Whitesnake comes on the radio, I loved that song back in 1987 (yes I did say 1987).  I was 14 and in 8th grade.  Loved the song back then, still love it…I start singing along…and it happens…

Big Girl pipes up “uh is this our regular station?”.  I quickly tell her “No, it is not. It is not the Top 20 on channel 20. It is a song from when I was in junior high and I love it and I am not turning it.”

Then it hit me is this song considered an oldie?  I mean it came out over 23 years ago????!!!!  When I was little in the 80’s and a song from the 60’s came on that was an oldie…so what about now?

Am I so old now, that I am listening to oldies and thoroughly enjoying them?  Tell me I am not alone?



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2 responses to “Here I go again…

  1. You are not alone. My husband and I love music from all eras yet many of them are considered 'oldies'. When we married and our music compilations ranged from the 50's through to the 90's it was loved by all who attended and commented on by many. As a youth I was exposed to only the older music from the 40's to the 80's… and even the 80's music was minimal. I was often viewed at school as different because I did not know the latest bands and their styles. Now, things are different; mine and my husband's musical diversity meant that we made all age groups happy with the music choices at our wedding. And today we still love to listen to a huge mixture of generational music. Consider it an omen that children need to be exposed to a variety of music because much of today's releases teach immorality and indecent habits. Just look at the video clips that arise with each new release… what is the younger generational music teaching our children? At least much of what was released in the previous eras can be considered quality material.

  2. I was at an antique store and saw an exact pair of earrings that I wore in the mid-80's. AT.AN.ANTIQUE.STORE. I feel so old.And when Dom's teacher explained what a record player was… my immediate thought was to compare it to CD's… but she compared it to listening to music on an iPod. I'm so old I don't even know what today's technology is…You are not alone.

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