About me

The About Me page is the first page I hit up when I find a new blog.  There are a few things I look for, to learn a bit about the blogger. For me, these few things are as follows:

1) My name is Leah and I am 37 and I think that is pretty old.

2)I have been married for 10 years to a wonderful fellow we refer to as Dad here in my blog.

2) I have 3 children, Big Girl is 7, The Boy is 5 and Little Girl is 1.

3) I live in Los Olivos, California which is a town of a couple thousand people just north of Santa Barbara. It is considered the wine country of the Central Coast.

4) I do not go to a job outside of my home other than to shuttle the kids to and fro but I did at one time have a stuffy, numbers job at a Bank.

5)I have not blogged long but want to give it my best effort, as coined by my children.

The following information is not stuff I  look for on someone’s About Me page but I will share this stuff anyway!

I grew up in Southern California and graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbabra.  Thank goodness I did this back in the early 90’s, otherwise I would never be able to get in now.

In May 1995, I started my banking career as a teller (like most successful bankers do whether they want to admit it or not) In 1998, I moved from the Central Coast of California to re-join my Husband in Napa. (long story but we dated in high school, broke up in college and then got back together afterward) He is a Winemaker by profession and Napa was the ideal place to get a start.  I continued my banking career and stuck with it until kids forced my willing departure.

Our 11 years in Napa were good to us, we got married , purchased 2 homes, had 2 children and then moved away.  In March 2009, we relocated to the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, bringing us closer to family and the beach. Our 3rd child was born in sunny Santa Barbara in May 2009, which I am sure she will forever hold over her sibling’s heads…far more appealing to be born in Santa Barbara than Vallejo.

As for now, we live in the middle of a great vineyard, my kids ride tractors and go carts for after school adventures, go fishing at the pond down the way, ride bikes on gravel roads with no traffic and my husband has no commute.  I on the other hand, drive all day long as a Mom taxi but would have it no other way.


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