Ice Cubes, the new candy?

My kids suck on ice cubes like they are lollipops.  Their friends come over and head straight to the freezer for cubes, not otter pops, or ice cream or something else remotely resembling food.  Even little girl at 19 months has taken a liking to it.  Really, isn’t it just cold and messy?



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3 responses to “Ice Cubes, the new candy?

  1. Careful they are not ice chewers. REALLY bad on the teeth according to our dentist…I very clearly remember getting my top lip stuck to an ice cube when I was about 4 or 5. My brother and sister dove into the freezer on a hot day and grabbed ice cubes to eat – and being the baby sister I had to do everything they did. I still remember that moment of panic when I realized the ice cube was stuck and yanking it off. Bad idea. Blood. Tears.Wow — I'm Debbie Downer with my comment today!And who knew that ice cubes were so hazardous?!

  2. Tonuala, it appears right now they are only sucking on them. I also remember getting ice stuck to my lip but I am embarrassed to say I was an adult!

  3. Yup, apparently chewing ice causes real cracks in teeth! You know what a fav is here, buy the big grapes and pop them in the freezer … if they have seeds, the kids peel off the skin which is usually heavier and bite off the flesh … the littler one's they just suck on and chew up.

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