The Boy (Part 1) on Wordless Wednesday

Since The Boy will be turning 6 at the end of this month, I thought it would be fun to dedicate the next 3 Wordless Wednesdays to him! All pictures taken before he was 2!


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Check off another milestone!

Little Girl is the youngest by over 4 years here in our family.  One might think she would be spoiled, doted on, completely dependent, babyish….but not Little Girl!  She came out a whopping 5lbs8oz and full of as much independence and ability as one could muster as an adult.  At an early age, she just seemed to know how to do things.  She copies everything that happens here and in some instances can even do some things best!

After deciding to make a leap out her crib about a month ago, we have been talking about moving her into her big girl bed.  It was painted a lovely shade of pink adorned with flowers and was made just for Little Girl!

Last night, we gave it a shot and although I feared the absolute worst, in true Little Girl fashion, she acted as if she has been sleeping in a bed her whole life!

Took her to bed at her regular bedtime of 6:30pm, laid her awake in her new bed and did not hear from her until she toppled out of the bed about 1 hour later.  Picked her up, still sleeping and laid her back on her bed.  Another hour passed and one more topple. 

About 6:00am, I woke up realizing that I was not up all night like I anticipated, in fact I never wok up at all.  Oh my gosh, is she ok? tell me she did not climb on the bookshelf and is hanging from the rafters.  I creep into the room and find this.

Little Girl now shares a room with Big Girl who kindly placed the little blankie on her.  She stayed this way until 7:00am.  Pure success!

Our luck has continued with a terrific first nap experience in the big girl bed which is currently running 1 hour, 25 min.

Next milestone up? potty training…..


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A candy eater

Dialogue I just had with The Boy on the way home from school.

The Boy (Him): Mom, do you have snacks in the car?

Me: No

Him: Why not?

Me: I don’t know, I did not think you needed any.

Him: When we get home, can I have a snack?

Me: Sure

Him: What do we have?

Me: apples, oranges, a sandwich, crackers, yogurt, lemons

Him: lemons, what, you eat lemons, yuck, just tell me what I can eat, not what you can eat

Me: Ok, lemons

Him: NO, I want candy

Me: I am not giving you candy

Him: What, I am a candy eater not a food eater

Me: Then I guess you will go hungry

For anyone concerned, he would go hungry, he ended up eating some seaweed as a snack!

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Wordless Wednesday- A slice of our world

Taken by Dad during a trip to the beach in Santa Barbara county in January 2011.


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Picture order?

For some of you faithful readers, you might have noticed I changed my blog over the weekend.  I switched from Blogger to Word Press for no real reason other than boredom and why not.

I added the picture collage of the kiddos to the top but after looking at it for a while, I am thinking that the pictures should be in another order.

Care to offer an opinion on this highly important topic? I will change it to whatever the majority thinks would look best! Just leave me a comment and we’ll see what happens!



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Rules are a necessary evil

This past Friday, I took the kids over to the park so that Big Girl could practice throwing a softball around with her friends.  She has decided to join the team but has never played a game before or even watched softball or baseball on television.

She can throw,she can run, she can hit, she can catch (well sort of) but she has never needed to do it all at once.  So on this Friday, a game ensued.  Lots of squealing 7-9 year olds trying to organize a game that more than half have never even played!

Big Girl gets told to play first base. She goes, stands there, mitt ready to catch a ball.  Batter up, batter hits, batter runs to first base, stops and stands there foot on the base.

(This is the part where I come in because frankly I did not see any of the above really happen as  I was at the play structure with the Little Girl.)

Big Girl comes running out of nowhere, crying, arms flailing.  She is hysterical screaming “Jim Bob” is on first base and taking over. He is trying to tell me what to do, he does not even have a mitt. He won’t get off my base and I am not playing any more. Throws the mitt down, crying, pure 7 year old girl drama, right there in the middle of the park.

I calmly walk her down to the game and it does not take long to figure out that “Jim Bob” was on the other team as the base runner.  He was not taking over, he was not trying to tell her what to do, he wasn’t not leaving the base because he wanted to take over but because HE WAS ON BASE! He needed to wait of the next batter to hit a ball so he could run.

What a surprise that Big Girl did not get this!  She has never played a softball game or been told the rules.  What was she to think that “Jim Bob” as doing other than taking over!

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Telling our tale (Part 2)

If you need a recap, check out Part 1

So Big Girl and I decide on soap!  We are concentrating our efforts on what is referred to as melt and pour soap. She loves fun colors and shapes and it seemed that melt and pour would fit the bill plus I was not too eager to work with lye around her, which is necessary for making cold process soap, like our Dad does!

We (I) have read so many blogs on soap making, have stalked numerous soap making forums and read books. Like previously mentioned, we are in testing stages.  We are trying out an assortment of bases, do we go with a goat’s milk base, or a honey base? which do we prefer, a clear base or a white base? then there are molds, and colors and glitter or no glitter?  So the testing continues…but I can say at this point all my kids are pretty clean these days with all the soap floating around this house.

(Disclaimer- I would be doing myself a disservice if I did not admit that the above seems like a really boring post but as promised last week, I was going to continue telling you all about our Fubble Bath adventure so I did.) 

After writing this I am starting to really rethink my blog and where I see it heading…but again I am digressing….

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Wordless Wednesday- I love you

Note found in The Boys lunch from Friday. Remember this post

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A Day in the Life (or at least the first 105 minutes)

I have been reading so many blogs these past few days I have noticed that many give you a glimpse into the blogger’s daily routine.  Some seem so close to mine but others so not. I thought I would share my typical Monday-Friday with you.

5:45am- Alarm goes off for Dad
6:10am- Dad gets out of bed
6:15am- The Boy gets out of his bed 
6:20am- The Big Girl gets out of her bed
6:25am: The Little Girl wakes up but is not removed from her bed yet
6:30am: Shower for Me and Dad leaves for the day
6:45am: Make lunches and dole out breakfast
6:50am: Feed the dog
6:52am: Feed the cats and the fish

6:55am: Unload dishwasher
7:00am: Check computer, clean kitchen up, pick out outfits for kids
7:10am: Kids start getting dressed after watching 1/2 hour of tv and eating breakfast
7:12am: Get Little Girl out of bed and dressed
7:15am: Tie The Boy’s shoes
7:17am: Tie The Little Girl’s shoes
7:19am: Make sure The Big Girl combs her hair
7:20am: Check computer some more, clean up from breakfast
7:22am: Make sure all bags and back packs are ready for school, fill with lunch boxes, clean out papers
7:25am: Make sure teeth are brushed and The Boy’s hair is done
7:27am: Grab breakfast and sippy cup for The Little Girl for the drive to school
7:29am: Hand out sweat shirts/jackets for the day
7:30am: Go to van ready for school

That is the first 105 minutes of my Monday-Friday. After writing this far, I got tired thinking of it all and need a break.  Maybe I will finish the rest of the day in another post some time!


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Sorry Mom

I am sitting at the computer (where else would I be?), Little Girl is within sight playing play dough in the family room.  I sneeze, Little Girl without turning from her play dough says “Sorry Mom”.  Within a nanosecond thinking that she has said “Bless you” (like is commonly said) I say “Thanks” and she looks up at me and responds with “Welcome”.

It’s the small things that make the day enjoyable! and having your not yet 20 month old talk with you like she is 6!

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