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A Day in the Life (or at least the first 105 minutes)

I have been reading so many blogs these past few days I have noticed that many give you a glimpse into the blogger’s daily routine.  Some seem so close to mine but others so not. I thought I would share my typical Monday-Friday with you.

5:45am- Alarm goes off for Dad
6:10am- Dad gets out of bed
6:15am- The Boy gets out of his bed 
6:20am- The Big Girl gets out of her bed
6:25am: The Little Girl wakes up but is not removed from her bed yet
6:30am: Shower for Me and Dad leaves for the day
6:45am: Make lunches and dole out breakfast
6:50am: Feed the dog
6:52am: Feed the cats and the fish

6:55am: Unload dishwasher
7:00am: Check computer, clean kitchen up, pick out outfits for kids
7:10am: Kids start getting dressed after watching 1/2 hour of tv and eating breakfast
7:12am: Get Little Girl out of bed and dressed
7:15am: Tie The Boy’s shoes
7:17am: Tie The Little Girl’s shoes
7:19am: Make sure The Big Girl combs her hair
7:20am: Check computer some more, clean up from breakfast
7:22am: Make sure all bags and back packs are ready for school, fill with lunch boxes, clean out papers
7:25am: Make sure teeth are brushed and The Boy’s hair is done
7:27am: Grab breakfast and sippy cup for The Little Girl for the drive to school
7:29am: Hand out sweat shirts/jackets for the day
7:30am: Go to van ready for school

That is the first 105 minutes of my Monday-Friday. After writing this far, I got tired thinking of it all and need a break.  Maybe I will finish the rest of the day in another post some time!



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oh how sweet

Yesterday evening I was hearing some discussion between the big kids about a “surprise for Mom in the morning.” Never got more than bits and pieces and then simply it skipped my mind. 

Fast forward to 5:35am this morning.  I hear a door open, I know the sound, it’s the Big Girl.  I am lying in bed awake like I do every morning because Dad’s alarm starts going off about 5:00am and after a snooze fest he will finally emerge about 6:00am from the bed.  

There is hustle and bustle going on, the fridge is opening, doors are slamming. lights are on…all before 6:00am on a Friday, a school day.  After Dad gets up and into the shower, Big Girl gets The Boy up, then they proceed to get Little Girl up. 

As this is all transpiring I am still lying in bed awake.  And for me this is torture, I have a schedule to stick to, its a school day, I must get up first, I must take a shower at precisely the same time every time, I must make sandwiches, I need to feed the dog when the kids are brushing their teeth at exactly 7:21am.  This has thrown me all off and I might not function at all today.

It was so nice of them to do this but it is amazing to me how caught up in my little routines I must be.

To be honest I let them do it all, never even looked in their lunches to see what they packed, I let them dress Little Girl and even put a diaper on her, which I did not inspect.  BUT,  I did send them back to the bathrooms to brush their teeth, which they conveniently left out of their morning!  


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