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Telling our tale (Part 2)

If you need a recap, check out Part 1

So Big Girl and I decide on soap!  We are concentrating our efforts on what is referred to as melt and pour soap. She loves fun colors and shapes and it seemed that melt and pour would fit the bill plus I was not too eager to work with lye around her, which is necessary for making cold process soap, like our Dad does!

We (I) have read so many blogs on soap making, have stalked numerous soap making forums and read books. Like previously mentioned, we are in testing stages.  We are trying out an assortment of bases, do we go with a goat’s milk base, or a honey base? which do we prefer, a clear base or a white base? then there are molds, and colors and glitter or no glitter?  So the testing continues…but I can say at this point all my kids are pretty clean these days with all the soap floating around this house.

(Disclaimer- I would be doing myself a disservice if I did not admit that the above seems like a really boring post but as promised last week, I was going to continue telling you all about our Fubble Bath adventure so I did.) 

After writing this I am starting to really rethink my blog and where I see it heading…but again I am digressing….


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Telling our tale…

You see it all started several years back, I started a business, Whiffy Bean Bags. My big kids were just 3 and 1 at the time and probably at first had little knowledge of what I did with my time.  For the rest of the world, I spent a lot of time online researching and investigating, I spent countless hours sewing, Dad spent many hours cutting fabric for me as I totally suck at cutting and measuring and not to mention all the time I spent packaging items and going to the Post Office!

As we continued along, the big kids got older and it was clear they enjoyed their parts of the business.  The Boy loved and still loves going to a fabric store, he is a softie for all fabrics and one of his favorite past times is picking out fabrics and having me make him new blankets. (don’t tell his guy friends) Big Girl became super interested in sewing but I never did make the jump into getting her a machine.  She also seemed and still seems to enjoy the business part of running a business.  She is about costs and picture taking and sales.

As this business was flourishing and the kids were getting even older and even more aware of what was going on, Dad decided to take a stab at soap making.  He spent his hours of researching  and concocting and testing all the while the big kids watched.  Not long after he started, both kids started getting hyped up about making soap..they wanted to buy their own ingredients and pick the scents.  They enjoyed making soap for their teachers and friends and the idea hit us! 

Due to may outside influences not under our control, we made the tearful decision to close Whiffy Bean Bags. (maybe there will be another post some time about it but basically you can blame on the lead laws) but we had a new plan.  Big Girl and I would start a soap business!  (yes there are rules and regulation and laws we will follow but we won’t have to pay $1,500 to test each and every item we make like we would with Whiffy Bean Bags, but again that is another topic.) We currently are still in our testing stages and do not anticipate opening until Spring 2011.

We will post more next Thursday about our humble beginnings and will plan to make Thursdays our Fubble Bath Post Day!  If you are not already a fan, please come by Fubble Bath on FB.  You may find our link on the right hand side of the blog!


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Come on in 2011 and stay a while!

What 2011 is going to mean to me!  by Leah Warson

A little more organization when it comes to the computer.  Clean out the bookmarks, lose some programs on the desktop, create easier ways to find my most valuable websites, you know the thing!

Maybe, obtain wireless here in the house?  I came from a home where everything was wireless, I sat at the dining room table, laptop unattached to anything; my documents printed in the basement…now I barely have what is called satellite internet and am stationary at the desk cubbie in the kitchen (printer right next to my right elbow!).

Next, I am not complaining about the above AT ALL.  I live in a wonderful home on a wonderful piece of property in a cute town with friendly people, close to family and the beach. I am truly appreciative but would still love to be able to move the laptop around!

I need to officially cut ties with Whiffy Bean Bags, my labor of love since 2006.  This one is hard for me but I have made many steps to the ultimate closure, just a few more and I am there.  The fact that the 100% closure is so hard is what makes me not do it, so I am pondering all those thoughts.

 My most important adventure of 2011 and really what this blog is going to ultimately be about is  Fubble Bath!  This would be the name of the soap business that my 7 year old daughter and I are starting!  Like me, she is an entrepreneur at heart, is a fantastic sales person and frankly a perfect marketing campaign in herself! She is enthusiastic, loves to talk with people, friendly….and I make the soap!  Well, she does help, picks scents, chooses molds, maybe stirs a little but her her main focus is the sales and marketing and quality control. So this is our focus this year, getting it up and running after of course making and trying out many more soaps!

My last real goal for the year is to make this blog look good, sound good, and be something people might like to follow!  Again, baby steps here….

I have my work cut out for me this year, as this is all on top of being  a great Mommy to 3 little kiddos and a fun wife to my awesome husband!  I better get started on some of this stuff…

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