Telling our tale (Part 2)

If you need a recap, check out Part 1

So Big Girl and I decide on soap!  We are concentrating our efforts on what is referred to as melt and pour soap. She loves fun colors and shapes and it seemed that melt and pour would fit the bill plus I was not too eager to work with lye around her, which is necessary for making cold process soap, like our Dad does!

We (I) have read so many blogs on soap making, have stalked numerous soap making forums and read books. Like previously mentioned, we are in testing stages.  We are trying out an assortment of bases, do we go with a goat’s milk base, or a honey base? which do we prefer, a clear base or a white base? then there are molds, and colors and glitter or no glitter?  So the testing continues…but I can say at this point all my kids are pretty clean these days with all the soap floating around this house.

(Disclaimer- I would be doing myself a disservice if I did not admit that the above seems like a really boring post but as promised last week, I was going to continue telling you all about our Fubble Bath adventure so I did.) 

After writing this I am starting to really rethink my blog and where I see it heading…but again I am digressing….


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