A candy eater

Dialogue I just had with The Boy on the way home from school.

The Boy (Him): Mom, do you have snacks in the car?

Me: No

Him: Why not?

Me: I don’t know, I did not think you needed any.

Him: When we get home, can I have a snack?

Me: Sure

Him: What do we have?

Me: apples, oranges, a sandwich, crackers, yogurt, lemons

Him: lemons, what, you eat lemons, yuck, just tell me what I can eat, not what you can eat

Me: Ok, lemons

Him: NO, I want candy

Me: I am not giving you candy

Him: What, I am a candy eater not a food eater

Me: Then I guess you will go hungry

For anyone concerned, he would go hungry, he ended up eating some seaweed as a snack!


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One response to “A candy eater

  1. Candy is so hard! My parents never had it at home. And on Saturday mornings, I’d beg to go to my grandmother’s very boring, elderly neighbors. My parents thought it was the weirdest thing. I was about 4 at the time. But, they’d always want me to come over. My dad came to get me early, and I was in the middle of the floor with a bowl of Hershey’s Kisses. Mystery solved.
    Glad he had a hunk of seaweed to get him by!

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