Check off another milestone!

Little Girl is the youngest by over 4 years here in our family.  One might think she would be spoiled, doted on, completely dependent, babyish….but not Little Girl!  She came out a whopping 5lbs8oz and full of as much independence and ability as one could muster as an adult.  At an early age, she just seemed to know how to do things.  She copies everything that happens here and in some instances can even do some things best!

After deciding to make a leap out her crib about a month ago, we have been talking about moving her into her big girl bed.  It was painted a lovely shade of pink adorned with flowers and was made just for Little Girl!

Last night, we gave it a shot and although I feared the absolute worst, in true Little Girl fashion, she acted as if she has been sleeping in a bed her whole life!

Took her to bed at her regular bedtime of 6:30pm, laid her awake in her new bed and did not hear from her until she toppled out of the bed about 1 hour later.  Picked her up, still sleeping and laid her back on her bed.  Another hour passed and one more topple. 

About 6:00am, I woke up realizing that I was not up all night like I anticipated, in fact I never wok up at all.  Oh my gosh, is she ok? tell me she did not climb on the bookshelf and is hanging from the rafters.  I creep into the room and find this.

Little Girl now shares a room with Big Girl who kindly placed the little blankie on her.  She stayed this way until 7:00am.  Pure success!

Our luck has continued with a terrific first nap experience in the big girl bed which is currently running 1 hour, 25 min.

Next milestone up? potty training…..



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2 responses to “Check off another milestone!

  1. Very cool! We just moved my daughter over to a “big girl bed” not long ago. It’s taken some to adjust, but she’s doing better than I feared! Potty training is up next on our list too. I’m dreading it! 🙂

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