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Parenting dilemma for today

So my Husband and I are sitting at the coffee house enjoying coffee, he has the day off today for New Years.  We had just dropped the big kids off at school and we took the little girl with us. He asks me if I ever called the local day care center to check it out for little girl, I say no, he says let’s go look at it and there we end up!  Now we do not NEED child care at all but figure the other kids went at 2 for socialization, so should little girl.  We look at it, looks great, number 1 child care facility in our town for 10 years straight, highly recommended…so a great spot.  We are notified that a spot is available for 2 days a week, just what I would want….but it is available NOW, not like a month from now or 6 months but NOW.  When I wanted to look at the place I was thinking September 2011 would be her start, 1 year there then 2 years at the wonderful preschool up the street.  I never thought about sending her now….but now I must decide?  Should she go or should she not…the decision must be made soon so stay tuned for the decision….


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