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The Boy (Part 1) on Wordless Wednesday

Since The Boy will be turning 6 at the end of this month, I thought it would be fun to dedicate the next 3 Wordless Wednesdays to him! All pictures taken before he was 2!


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A candy eater

Dialogue I just had with The Boy on the way home from school.

The Boy (Him): Mom, do you have snacks in the car?

Me: No

Him: Why not?

Me: I don’t know, I did not think you needed any.

Him: When we get home, can I have a snack?

Me: Sure

Him: What do we have?

Me: apples, oranges, a sandwich, crackers, yogurt, lemons

Him: lemons, what, you eat lemons, yuck, just tell me what I can eat, not what you can eat

Me: Ok, lemons

Him: NO, I want candy

Me: I am not giving you candy

Him: What, I am a candy eater not a food eater

Me: Then I guess you will go hungry

For anyone concerned, he would go hungry, he ended up eating some seaweed as a snack!

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Picture order?

For some of you faithful readers, you might have noticed I changed my blog over the weekend.  I switched from Blogger to Word Press for no real reason other than boredom and why not.

I added the picture collage of the kiddos to the top but after looking at it for a while, I am thinking that the pictures should be in another order.

Care to offer an opinion on this highly important topic? I will change it to whatever the majority thinks would look best! Just leave me a comment and we’ll see what happens!



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Wordless Wednesday- I love you

Note found in The Boys lunch from Friday. Remember this post

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Calling all blogs….

3 weeks into my blogging existence and I am thinking I need to start compiling a list of blogs that I read.   If you have a blog, I am sure you would love a new reader (and you might just get me and my Mom as new readers, so that makes 2 new readers.)  Leave a comment with a link here or drop me a DM on twitter @MommyYouSayIt. 


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Wordless Wednesday- Good Morning Moon

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Sure, where is it?

The Boy yells into the house from the front yard, “hey Mom, can I take Little Girl over to my secret hiding place?”.  I yell back “sure, where is it?” I hear Dad giggling from the kitchen..I’m thinking what’s so funny?

Probably does not surprise anyone that The Boy yells back “in the bushes.”

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Starting to get the hang of the blog thing, I think!

Been faithfully posting to my blog here for the month of January and really taking a liking to it!  I would love to hear from other bloggers or anyone on what you find important about a blog or what compels you to read. 

As for this blog in particular, I am close to relaunching a new look and some new clear cut topics!  Looks for some changes coming soon!!!!  yay!


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Red plate!

There are many things that my children do that I wonder about.  One of these many wonders can be depicted in the following:

I am making dinner, rushing around the kitchen, stirring, cutting, spilling….I run over to the kids’ drawer of plates, bowls, cutlery, grab 3 plates (remember I have 3 kids) and set them out.  Without fail, one of my children (yes at this point any 1 of the 3) screams “I want the red plate.”

WHY? does it make the food taste better if its on a red plate as opposed to the blue plate? 

If I am lucky it will just end there.  If I am unlucky, it will escalate into a full on drag down sibling fight and no one will end up eating because they are sent to their rooms for the rest of the night without dinner. (ok, maybe not really, but the part about the fight is true.)

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A Start….

As I typed a comment on my last entry, it made me think. (Yes, I do think and often at that.)

Everything must have a start. You can’t do something if you haven’t started it, you can’t continue something if you haven’t started it and you can’t end something if you haven’t started it.

With that being said, I have officially started this blog. I look forward to doing it, continuing it and honestly maybe some day I will look forward to ending it. 

That’s it, profound thought of the day now back to laundry and sweeping.

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