Calling all blogs….

3 weeks into my blogging existence and I am thinking I need to start compiling a list of blogs that I read.   If you have a blog, I am sure you would love a new reader (and you might just get me and my Mom as new readers, so that makes 2 new readers.)  Leave a comment with a link here or drop me a DM on twitter @MommyYouSayIt. 



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9 responses to “Calling all blogs….

  1. Hi! I would love if you added mewww.momwentcrazy.combut only if you like what you read

  2. Hey Lisa, is the link to your blog?

  3. It's been a while since I really blogged, but I have high hopes of getting back on the wagon. Or is it horse? I have no clue…

  4. i'm not too bright right now… sigh. 😛

  5. Hi! I know we are Twitter friends, but the past few weeks have been so busy it has taken me forever to get here! What a beautiful picture!!!!! Following now and looking forward to reading more when I get a quiet moment!

  6. Thanks everyone, this is fun. I have spent a good junk of the afternoon checking out all the blogs well and being at the pool!

  7. iheartcoupons.blogspot.comThanks for checking my blog out! As a mom of 2 boys (3 and 1), I love to save money and help others save money, too!

  8. Sorry I'm late on this! Vacation to the ocean = less Twitter time! Give mine a read and see if you likey ;0)

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