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The Wife of a Winemaker on this Valentine’s Day

On this wonderful Valentine’s Day, in the name of love, I thought I would share with you a little insight to my life with my Husband.

I have often been asked what it is like to be married to a winemaker?  My first reaction is, well I know no different.  Over 10 years ago, Dad and I got married, he was a winemaker then and is one now.  I have never been married before, so by deduction I have only been married to a winemaker and know no different.

There are a few perks though as the wife of a winemaker.

1) There is always an endless supply of wine in the house, garage, basement, outdoor fridge, ice box, cabinet, closet and refrigerator.

2) When people come over you always have something to offer them to drink. (unless of course they are under 21) You don’t have to worry at the grocery store about what beverage to buy for dinner that night.

3) I have never used a cork screw myself, Dad has a degree in cork screw manipulation.

4) If a recipe calls for wine, you are never  forced to use the kids’ grape juice.

5) I always have a handy present to give someone. (unless of course they are under 21)

6) Wine bottles do make pretty decorations as do decanters, glasses and wine bottle coasters.

7) It makes it easy for people to give us a gift, you always can use another cork screw, right?

8) As a winemaker, Dad gets paid to concoct, which spills over to his ability to cook at home.  He makes some great dishes just by adding a little of this and a little of that.

9) I always know what the weather is going to be like because Dad tracks it on over a zillion different sites so he knows what to expect that day in regards to grape maturation or whatever it is be cares about in regard to the weather.

10) The biggest perk is getting to be the wife of the best Winemaker out there.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my Winemaker, I love you.



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