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Other various duties as assigned

When I worked in the big business world (otherwise known as a Bank), we had job descriptions for each of our positions. As the person who wrote several of these from scratch for various positions there was a line I always added at the end under duties. This line read “you will be expected to perform other various duties as assigned”.

If I was to write a job description for my current job (which is Mom in case anyone forgot), you would find that same line at the bottom or maybe even at the top.

Take my today. I planned to drop big kids off at school, go to the tire store for 2 new tires, take Little Girl to gymnastics, come home for her to nap then my sweet friend was going to come over to help me “find some decorative style here at this house.”

BUT, instead I am writing this post quickly as The Boy sits on the couch all curled under blankies watching Scooby Doo complaining of a tummy ache and Little Girl takes a nap in her room about 3 hours too early.  No tire store, no gymnastics, no nap at the right time and NO friend coming over to “find some decorative style here at this house”.

So today, I am performing other various duties as assigned. Is your day going as planned or are you also performing other duties as assigned?

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