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Little Girl, ears and head, oh my!

Saturday began for me at 3:00am while I was patiently trying to pacify Little Girl as she seemed to struggle with some issue.  The previous week had been a “cold” week for us, both big kids had gotten them, Little Girl had one and then seemed to maybe get another….I think ears when she gets a cold.  None of my kids are the ear-infection-prone-needing-tubes type kids but when a rare cold comes calling an ear infection could be close behind.  So anyway….I do finally get her back to sleep, crawl into bed myself and as the real morning approaches I tell Dad, I’m taking Little Girl down to the medical center at 8 when they open so I can be back in plenty of time to prepare for The Boy’s birthday party, remember my last post?

Ok, so I get to the medical center a bit after 8 to see that they really open at 9.  Do you hate when you do that? I drive by the sign the other day, I swore it said 8 otherwise why would I think it did, or plan to go at 8, I mean where wold I make that up.  No, I am sure they did not switch the sign on me but it was a bummer nonetheless. Off to kill time at the grocery store nearby, we have a party later, right so I must need some extra snacks or waters or candy or grapes or toilet paper….

Head to medical center, get in relatively quickly although by the time I walk in at 9:01am, I am 4th in line. go figure. Yep, double ear infection, that will be $30 for you being a smart Mom and now back to the same grocery store for the “bubble gum treats”.  Little Girl by this time is super cranky with a full diaper and wants not part of those treats before we set off home. Fine, when we get home we’ll change that diaper and get you those treats and off to a nap you go…so I thought.

Get home, Dad is getting birthday party stuff ready…remember there’s a party later.  I sit down for a moment, Little Girl sees the Dad….”da-da”…running toward him and splat.  Just like that. She falls forehead first into the brick ledge sitting thing for the fireplace. You know the fireplaces that 1st time parents wrap with foam or pool noodles? the exact same type of fireplace thingie I had wrapped for Big Girl some 7 years ago…..yep you guessed it, not wrapped now.

I swoop her up and state, Dad “she’s hurt bad.” He jumps off his ladder, runs to the kitchen, grabs a towel, presses it on her head and states “emergency room, now, it’s deep, she needs stitches.”

Within 15 seconds, the family of 5 is in the minivan headed to the emergency room about 18 minutes away.  On a side note, why I can’t get everyone in the car in 15 seconds on a normal day is beyond me.  Little Girl is crying, Dad still has that towel smashed on her head and I am racing down a 10 mile corridor that is typically lined with tourists on a relatively nice Saturday (when it was suppose to snow! haha).

Our first emergency room experience in this wonderful town we live in, was phenomenal. Quick to check in, quick to get in. Big kids were set up with a movie in the waiting room (where they were the only ones) My kids go to school with the emergency room nurse’s kids….small town, remember? and they talked about the Friday;s field trip…..Meanwhile Little Girl was a trooper, shot to the little head for numbing and 3 stitches later she was good to go with a snoopy bandaid and all.

Our ride home was short and sweet and party planning ensued (again).  With that still full diaper and no dose of antibiotics, Little Girl napped.  2 hours later, woke up to a house full of people and was ready to party (once she got that diaper changed and a dose of antibiotics plus a little headache relief treats)!


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