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Saying goodbye to an old friend

You can spend so much time with someone or something and start to forget their flaws.  Their slow responses, their lack of interest in what you are trying to accomplish, their interest in doing something else at the exact time you want to be doing something completely different, the fact that they completely stop talking to you and then just shut down.  Problem is, the flaws are still there and they will eventually completely take over the relationship. You can do nothing to restore your faith in them and they can doing nothing to restore your hard work.  Yes, I said goodbye to my wonderful Dell laptop of over 7 years yesterday.

I finally had to admit that the friendship was strained and had little to offer.  This was hard for me.  I remember buying that Dell from a QVC infocommercial late at night during the Summer of 2004.   That trusty laptop was there when I made the birth announcements for my 2 youngest children, it provided me countless birthday party invitations, it holds picture perfect memories of the past 7 years, it was like my silent partner as I ran my online business, it worked and it worked hard but it was time.

Time to let it rest.  Thank you my Dell laptop, I will miss you.



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