Our 14th Birthday Party

Tomorrow will mark our family’s 14th Birthday celebration. No one here is turning 14.  We have 3 children (remember?). Big Girl has had 7 birthday parties, The Boy has had 5 birthday parties and Little Girl has had 1 birthday party all over the past 7 years.  Tomorrow will be The Boy’s 6th Birthday party and will bring our total to 14.

I am not sure why I always figured the kids would have a birthday party every year. It might be because I had one every year as a child. (remember I am an only child) As I have seen over the years, not all children had a party each yer, some go to Disneyland for a weekend, some get to pick one friend and go to the movies, but for us as of today, our tradition is party. We don’t go all out with the horses and the clowns, although I have been known to hire Dora the Explorer for an afternoon, but we play and enjoy friendships.

This may all change as the kids get older and they no longer want Mom and Dad organizing their parties with cake, ice cream, balloons and pinatas but for now I will enjoy every moment of our 14 Birthday party!


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