Post Valentine’s Day Mommy Guilt

I can not be the only Mother out there who feels a bit of guilt on this day after Valentine’s Day.

I send my 2 kids off to school on Valentine’s Day with their valentines.  The valentines that we bought at our local K-Mart (yes, we do not even have a Target local to us). You know the kind, little rectangle, fold it over, write the names, put the sticker in the little slits and then seal it with a heart sticker. You all know which ones I mean, you can see them at any large retail chain, generic, impersonal, totally run of the mill.  You can have them too for $2.99 a box.

And then, my kids come home from school with the sweetest, little, handmade valentines.  Their friends drew on them, they wrote special little messages, some baked cookies, some made play dough, 1 even painted the nicest little wooden heart.  And, I feel terrible. I feel like I should have made more of a fuss over the sweet little holiday, worked with my kids to create something unique, something fun that screamed effort.

But alas, I did not. Tell me I am not alone?



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5 responses to “Post Valentine’s Day Mommy Guilt

  1. lisa

    nope. not alone. i was too lazy to even go to the store, so i cut squares out of construction paper, wrote happy valentines day on them, and let ari go to town with the markers, stickers and stamps. i made cookies, but that’s because i signed up to 😉 (they weren’t cutely packaged up for each kid, they were on a plate with seran wrap)

  2. When my girls were small, the first time my oldest daughter got to pass out Valentine’s at school, I was so excited.

    We went and picked out the sweetest Valentines and I helped her write all the names on them.

    She came home with all of these elaborate Valentines, many of them homemade, but even if they weren’t, they all had candy attached to them.

    I didn’t know about the candy. I’d never done anything like that in my years of Valentine’s. I felt terrible, but every time I told that story, there was a mom who had her own story. I think it’s a universal thing. We’ve all done it. We’ve all been there. I’m sure your Valentines were just as appreciated.

  3. Finuala

    Or you could have been like me and have wasted a glorious Sunday helping/making your own Valentines. Both boys came home with a bag full of Valentines yesterday. They dug the candy out and they tossed the rest. I’m sure my Sunday afternoon efforts are in trashcans all over American Canyon.

  4. You are SO not alone. In fact, I’m way worse than you. I bought two cheap boxes of Valentine’s for M…then never even filled them out! He doesn’t go to school on the day Vday fell this year, so I didn’t bother. And then the next day, he brought home a giant box filled with Valentines and candy and handmade stuff and even a gift bag full of loot. And I sent nothing. Nada. Zip.

    I justified it by telling myself that we brought birthday treats instead, plus the other kids had all taken home their Vday boxes. But still…the fact remains. I suck!

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