This Monday proved to be a different from the norm

Started off with Alexa being a bit sad and not wanting to go to school..that in itself is not completely out of the norm but what came next was. She was a little sad about something going on at school with another student and for the first time in my Mommy career, I needed to step in and try to solve a problem for her with a teacher. I left her at school and was genuinely nervous for her and had hoped that my talking to the teacher was going to help.

Fast forward several hours, Nate and I were at the park and I got a call from Alexa’s school saying that she has a fever and needs to go home. We rushed off to school and picked the big girl up, I was not convinced that she was indeed ill but we headed home. PJs on, orange juice served, Arthur on the tv and there she sat until I noticed her cheeks were bright red….out came the thermometer. Into the mouth and the thing jumped to 103.3 and started to creep higher. I took it out of her mouth and said we must have done something wrong…gave it a shook and stuck it back in. The result- 104.1 degrees. I was shocked, I have heard of a temp that high but have never actually seen it. Down went the tylenol and the fever check was in force. Every 15 minutes I checked it and by dinner time it was a nice 99 degrees.

Alexa is home from school today and doing just fine but it was a wild day yesterday from start to finish! Now we are on Tuesday!


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