I had a sweet friend ask me today for a link to my blog…I gave it to her of course but a sort of sad feeling came over me. I started this blog to recount all the little things that happen in our lives, a fun record for my children to read in many years to come, but I fell short. I have not written anything here in 2 months…not because my kids have not done anything cute or fun or worth writing but I guess because I did not make it a priority. Isn’t that the way it is with all things? you do what you make a priority and priorities are most often what you enjoy doing? I want this Blog to be a priority, something I enjoy. I think my kids will really, really enjoy reading it when they are in their 30’s and see that Nate used to love tooting on his sister’s face and that Alexa broke her glasses when she was 6 and has the most prominent raccoon eyes imaginable! and not to mention that Aly just got 2 teeth and is about to crawl. So with that said or written, I will do better.


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  1. Yay Leah! You can do it! We both can, we can remind each other. And, LOL at Nate tooting in Alexa's face! They are going to LOOOVE reading that.

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