Pjs in public

Meet Aly! She was 5 months old on October 28. She is happy, smiley, adorable, tiny and yes, she is still in her pajamas at 12:15 in the afternoon! With my daughter, Alexa who is 6 1/2, I would never dream of her wearing her pjs out in public. Those are for the bedroom, sleeping not for going out in! But along comes Aly, baby #3 and things are a bit different, not a lot bu just a little. Aly wakes at 6:15am after getting up 3-4 times during the night to nurse. She hangs out in our bed with Alexa for about an hour before she falls back to sleep. Unfortunately for her, she needs to get up and take Alexa and Nate to school by 8! some times, she is lucky to get a diaper change before we go and like today some times she just stays in her pjs. Today after dropping both kids off, I brought her in the living room in her infant car seat and there she slept for 3 hours..completely unheard of and out of character for her. But that would be the reason, this blog was able to get started!

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